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Allison's All Occasions Wreaths

Hey Everyone,

I am soooo excited for this post today and to share this small business with you all! Today we will be taking a closer look at Allison's All Occasions Wreaths. If you have been following me for a while then you probably know that wreaths are my most loved decor pieces ever.

I have quite the collection and I love using them. I think they are perfect when decorating for the holidays and they are so easy to use too! They are simple and It makes it look like you tried really hard too. Anywaysssss, Allison's All Occasions Wreaths was so generous to send me over three different wreaths to share with you all so let's get started! Up first we have an all white wreath that would be perfect for Valentine's Day! This is the smallest wreath that this shop has to offer and it's just adorable. The wreath features a small sign in the center that says "Love never fails".

There is also two glitter plastic hearts located on the right side of the wreath in pink and red I think this is just the perfect pop of color to add to the wreath. The pink and red really pop nice against the white wreath. I love the size of this one too! I think this is the perfect size for decor and would look great on a shelf too! I think this wreath would be great for decorating for other holidays not just Valentine's Day! If you were planning something special for an anniversary this would be perfect! This one is just so cute! The next wreath that we have up is a Coastal Themed one which is probably my favorite one to be honest. I have decorated my entire home in the "beachy/coastal" theme and every time I see anything that falls in that category I go just nuts lol! This 2nd wreath that I am showing you all is the 2nd option for size. This is also a great size too!

This wreath is a beautiful teal color and features a white wooden anchor right in the center. My favorite part about this wreath is that she was able to customize it with my last name going down the center which I just love! The anchor features a small starfish on the bottom. To add the perfect finishing touch she included two blue flowers that are located on the right side of the wreath. I love this one so much and think that this the perfect wreath for my coastal themed home. For now I have made the decision to use this one as shelf decor in my front door and it looks just adorable sitting on my shelf, and I have received several compliments on it so far. Up next we have an Easter themed wreath! This is the biggest size that this shop offers and I must say this is a pretty big wreath. This is most detailed wreath that Allison's All Occasions Wreaths sent me over to share with you all. The base of this wreath is a pink, green, yellow and white which is just the perfect colors for Easter. The main focus of this wreath is the big bunny located in the center! The bunny is dressed up and her outfit matches the colors in the wreath which is just perfect!

The bunny is holding a little carrot. I think the legs of this bunny are my favorite part. They are beaded so they dangle which is just adorable. There is a lot to look at on this wreath and that is for sure! On the left side of the wreath there is a little wooden sign that says "Hello Easter" and on the right hand side of the wreath there is a little plastic Easter egg to add some more holiday flare. All of these wreaths are so beautifully made, you can really see how much love and hard work was put into each one. I just adore all three of these wreaths. I love how each wreath base is a crocheted piece. I have never seen anything like this before. The actual wreaths themselves are soooo incredibly soft! These wreaths have so much potential as far as decorating goes. There are so many endless possibilities that I will for sure be trying with these wreaths. Allison's All Occasions Wreaths has sooooo many wreaths to choose from and she also makes custom wreaths for any occasion! I am certain that you will find just what you are looking for in her shop or she can make it happen!


I just want to say a big thank you to Allison's All Occasions Wreaths for sending me over these wreaths to share with my subscribers! You are so amazing and soo talented! I wish you nothing but the best for you and your business!

Check out Allison's All Occasions Wreaths here:


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