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Ann’s Bath & Beauty Boutique

About The Owner

Meet Jackilyn Ann Arteaga, the owner of her small business Ann’s Bath & Beauty Boutique. Jackilyn is a 26 year old female who loves to craft. She has worked in many different fields, but she spent a lot of time in the food industry. She has worked as an assembly worker in a warehouse and a VetTech at an animal clinic. She graduated high school early and left for culinary school at Joliet Jr College, but decided college wasn’t for her and ended up dropping out, to pursue her small business goals. In her time away from working on her business, she enjoys traveling with her family. She has a passion for traveling and one of her goals that she has for Ann’s Bath & Beauty Boutique is to travel all over the United States doing craft shows.

History Of The Business

Ann’s Bath & Beauty Boutique started when Jackilyn was spending a lot of her own money on Lush and Bath & Body Works. Her mother looked at her and then looked at the ingredients and said that she knew Jackilyn could make all those products with natural ingredients for way less. Her coworkers wanted samples to try so she gave them some, then they wanted to place orders, and then her business just began to take off from there.

About The Business

Ann’s Bath & Beauty Boutique has been in business for 6 years. The most challenging time for her small business was during COVID, like most of all small businesses. Jackilyn makes all natural bath products and sewn items as well such as doggy bandanas, and oven mitts. Their most popular item is their 4 oz Scented Bar Soap. It’s the first thing that Jackilyn ever made. Her first batch was Coffee scented soap with coffee grounds in the soap for exfoliation. Now Ann’s Bath & Beauty Boutique has over 50 different scents & added Goat’s Milk Soap.

Perks & Obstacles With Owning Her Business

Jackilyn's favorite thing about owning her own business is making the soap. She enjoys finding new scents and scent combinations for her products to create for her customers. She also really likes making her own schedule. The biggest struggle that Jackilyn has with owning her own business is all the paperwork that comes wit it. She is lucky enough to have an accountant for a mother so she tries to learn as much as she can from her, The accounting side to her business is really important.

Future Plans For The Business

Jackilyn is hoping to have her products in more stores. She is hoping to expand her business to other store across the US too! She is hosting her first craft show in Lansing, IL at Kasey’s Banquet Hall on May 7th of 2023. She is also thinking about expanding her sewing line as well.

Contact Information

TikTok: @Lildiy9


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