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Arachne the Weaver Shop

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

About The Owner

Meet Alyda, the owner of Arachne the Weaver Shop. She learned how to crochet from her grandmother who raised her. She also thought her how to heal through food and plants. Her hobbies are a little bit of everything from hiking,painting, circus arts to writing and most things in-between. Her biggest love is learning and sharing that information.She has been a gymnastics coach for over ten years, an aerial silks coach for 8 years, and various acrobatic positions over the years studied herbology and still is learning more everyday. She is currently a RN nursing student is looking forward to graduating.

History Of The Business

Arachne the Weaver Shop, is a newer business that is been open for only three months. She opened her small business after she made some blankets for Christmas to give to her friends and after hearing how much they how much they enjoyed them. From there she just expanded to fit more diversity and joy to other people.

About The Business

Arachne the Weaver Shop sells an array of Crochet goods and luxury bath products. Some crochet products that she has listed on her site include the following: Blankets, washcloths, bags and many more. The bath products that she has listed on her website include the following: Bath Bombs, Soap, and roller ball oil rollers. Her most popular items that she sells are her bath bombs. Alyda's goalis to just to make people happy with her products that she sells!

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