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Benevolent Boutique


Today we are going to take a look at Benevolent Boutique, which is a business that has been around for a couple of year but they just recently switched their main focus over to producing candles and other scented products from our home, that are free from toxins and are vegan-friendly. Which is right up my alley lol!

Benevolent Boutique sent me more a 3 pack of their wax melts in their Holiday/ Winter collection. The following scents are Deck The Halls (cranberries, balsam and cedar, fir and pine) Peppermint Mocha (Fill the air with scents of chocolate and peppermint) and Christmas Eve (gingerbread, orange spice,fireplace, fir and pine) My personal favorite is the Deck the Halls. The ultimate scent for Christmas and it smells just like a Christmas tree which is my favorite scent of all time. These bars are listed on their website for $9 each or you can purchase this 3 pack for $24.00. If wax melt's are not for you they also have these scents in their candles too! Each wax melt is 3.2 oz and contains 8 pieces which is pretty big. I am super impressed with the quality of these and highly recommend checking them out. This is a great gift for the holiday season and they also have different scents on their site which is definitely worth checking out!


Thank you so much Benevolent Boutique for collabing with me! I hope we can collaborate again in the future!

Check them out here:


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