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Birdhouse Studios 222

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I have another Easter item to be sharing with you all today, which in case you were not aware... Easter decorations are my favorite!!! I will be showing you all what Janice over at Birdhouse Studios 222 sent me to share with you all today. When I seen these posted on her instagram I just knew I needed one in my life. I feel like the trend this year for Easter decorations is peeps, which is just adorable. I have been seeing them everywhere and I am so happy about it because they are so adorable and make the most precious Easter decor theme ever. Birdhouse Studios 222 sent me over a hand crocheted piece to share with you all....

and you guessed it! It's an adorable peep!

This little guy is almost 9 inches tall. He's a pretty good size. I honestly was expecting him to be much smaller, but to my surprise I was very wrong. It amazes me that this is handmade too. I would have never guessed that just by looking at this. Janice told me that these peeps take 3-4 days to complete which is amazing. She has some serious dedication o her customers to be able to concentrate and produce these cute little guys! These peeps are made with velvet yarn so they are sooooo soft. The eyes and nose are plastic safety eyes, so these are completely safe for children. These would be great little things to put inside Easter baskets for your kids! There is over 10 colors to choose from so you can make sure you get one for everyone in your family since there are so many options. I decided to go with a blue color because that's the theme of my home. I am amazed with how gorgeous this color is too. Pictures doesn't do it justice that's for sure. Each peep is stuffed with fiber fill and is machine washable. I love how the possibilities are truly endless with these peeps. You can use them for decor for Easter, use them for gifts for inside Easter baskets

These Peeps are perfect for everyone in your family and I am sure everyone would enjoy them! It would be fun to get one for everyone in the family in their own favorite colors. I am still truly blown away with how professional these little peeps are. I would NEVER guess in a million years that these were handmade. All the detail and time that was put into these little guys really show! I'm sure you guys are wondering what Janice makes year round because Peeps are just seasonal so i decided I would take this time now to show you some other incredible pieces that she makes too! Her shop is filled with all different types of product, things that really could appeal to anyone. I chose 3 of my favorite pieces listed for sale in her shop to share with you all because I want you all to see how much talent this small business owner really has! Up first is a crocheted baby yoda! UMMMM excuse me?! How adorable is this! Baby Yoda is soooo popular right now too! This would make an amazing gift for anyone who is a huge star wars fan because lets face it I'm sure you know at least one lol! The next thing that really caught my eye listed in her shop was these gorgeous dragon fingerless gloves. I loveee these! They totally give me mermaid vibes but I love them! All the colors are gorgeous as well and just look beautiful together! The last item I will be showing you is just sooo adorable I had too! Lol. This is a newborn kitty outfit! OMG CAN WE NOT?! This is just too cute I can't handle it lol. I am obsessed with Newborn outfits and this one is probably the cutest I have ever seen! I mean come on look at those little paws! Too cute!! I must add that all these pieces are very reasonably priced too!


A huge thank you to Birdhouse Studios 222 for sending me this adorable Peep! Your small business is incredible and you are sooo talented! I wish you the best!!!

Make sure you check this business out here!


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