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Biscuit & Bubs

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my page! I am super excited to share with you all another small business that I discovered on Instagram. This business is owned by Alison and Rachel. They decided to live out their dreams by opening Biscuit & Bubs so that they could stay home with their kiddos and be their own bosses. This business has so many amazing high quality products in their shop. They have an array of T-shirts, key chains, stickers and so much more. I am so excited to share with you all what they were generous enough to send over to me to share with you all!

Up first we have this adorable graphic tee with the quote printed "Just breathe" on it. I love the simplicity of this design. This shirt is made in unisex sizes which is usually my favorite type of sizing because the sizes tend to be larger and more comfortable to wear. This shirt is a Bella+ Canvas in the color heather peach which is just a gorgeous color. This specific shirt retails for $27.00 but right now it's on sale on their website for just $15.00 so run don't walk before this shirt sells out!!

Up next we have another graphic tee and this one is called Run Like Phoebe, Dance Like Elaine short-sleeved T shirt. This design is inspired by Alison's daughter Laurel. The motto of this design is to remind us to be who we are and be true to ourselves, and that doing things in your own style is always ok! I love the meaning behind this design it's so special and so important to remember, especially during a time like this. I love how this design has a few different fonts it makes the design super unique which I love! This shirt retails for $27.00 on their website

The next three items I have to share with you all is 3 different stickers they have for sale on their website. I am so excited that they included these in my package to share with you all. I am such a huge collector of stickers and have been for my whole life. I love adding them to my phone, laptop and different water bottles. They are perfect to add that pop of "you". Biscuit & Bubs was so nice to send me these three designs! The 1st one is a graffiti design that features a bunch of different colors which I am a big fan of along with different doodles! This sticker is $4.50 on their website. I love how vibrant this sticker is! The next one is the love is love design, such a meaningful design and gorgeous design! This one is $5.00 on their site. The last one which is probably my favorite one that they sent me over to share with you all is the Sunflower design, this one also retails for $5.00 on their website. It's a pretty big stickers and I love how it's just the shape of the flower, it's a very gorgeous design too!

I want to give a big thank you to Biscuit & Bubs for working with me and sending me over these amazing products. I wish you and your business the most success in the future and hope to work with you again!

Make sure you check them out because this is just a glimpse of what this amazing small business has to offer! They have a ton of other amazing products on their site!

Check them out here:


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