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Brandie Herbert Wellness Coach

About The Owner

Meet the owner Brandie Herbert. She has been in the Fitness & Nutrition Industry since 2015. She is a body positive mentor and coach that works with women determined to transform themselves from the inside out. She specializes in coaching women on how to transform their mindset around themselves through fun meal plans, workouts that suit their lifestyle, and self empowerment techniques to last a lifetime. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Specializing in Women's Fitness & Behavior Change.She is NOT your average coach. She is a dedicated mentor and educator for those who are tired of fad diets, continuously starting over, and ready for a real sustainable lifestyle transformation. Brandie is married and also a mother of a 5 year old. She has two dogs and two cats. Her hobbies include working out, cooking, hiking, outdoors, camping, reading & spending time with her family.

History Of The Business

In her twenties she suffered from un-diagnosed mental illness and body dysmorphia. She hated herself, she hated her body, she was suicidal and would get tattooed to ease her suicidal thoughts. She had an unhealthy relationship with food. She would starve herself and then binge. She never felt good enough, or thin enough. At rock bottom, a friend of Brandie saw her depression and invited her to start training with them. That is where her love of fitness, nutrition, and mental health was born. That's when her mission in life became clear as day, and she never looked back. Today, she is a striving, thriving, mother of one, wife to an amazing man, business owner, mentor, coach, old soul, and life enthusiast!

About The Business

Brandie provides one on one fitness/nutrition/mindset coaching. Her most popular service that she offers is her 4 month Total Lifestyle Transformation. Which her her clients reach their fitness and nutrition goals sustainable nutrition, without restrictive diets, so they can enjoy their lives. She helps them build a lifestyle workout plan so they continue long after Brandie works with them so they can keep their results forever. She offers 1 on 1 mentor-ship/coaching accountability calls with adjustments as needed & 24/7 text support.

More About Brandie and Her Business

Brandie has been been Certified since 2015, and she is based out of Oregon. Her favorite thing about owning her own business is the flexibility and freedom doing what she loves and still having time to spend with her family. Her future plans for her small business include growing her team. Brandi loves being able to connect with her clients and treat them as she would working with her own family.

Before and After Of Brandie

The photo to the left was taken December 2021 and the photo to the right was taken December 2022

Contact Information

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Feb 15, 2023

Looks like an interesting site. Have you ever trained online with people?

Just curious.

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