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Caffeine Crafting Mama

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my website! I’m so excited to share another small business with you! Today we are going to be taking a closer look at Caffeine Crafting Mama who was generous enough to

send me some products to share with you all. This small business specializes in home decor. She makes a huge variety of holiday signs, and personalized signs catered to anyone's style for home decor. This small business really stuck out to me because she makes soooo many cute things for all the holidays, and if you know me then you probably know that I am obsessed with decorating for the holidays, it's just so much fun for me. Over on her website she makes all this home decor like I just mentioned but she also makes personalized cups too which is really great and something that is pretty popular right now too! She sent me over two of her mini wooden signs and a personalized cup! The first thing I will be sharing with you all is the personalized cup that was made for just for me! I gave her guidance on what I like which is everything pink and girly and this is what she came up with!

As you can see from the photo this is a Starbucks cup that she customized which is so cool! I think she totally nailed this design down this is totally something I would have picked out for my self. This cup is covered

in pink cheetah print which is something I am crazy about lol! Around the logo she placed "Boss Babe" which I love too!!! This is going to be the cup I bring to work everyday! I absolutely love this cup! & to think I thought that's where the personalized touches ended lol! She even added my name to the back which I thought was the perfect finishing touch!

I really like this cup! I think the thing that really won me over was the fact that there is a layer placed on top of this cup over the vinyl so you don't have to worry about the vinyl peeling off. I have had a few of these cups designed like this and they never lasted long because the vinyl was the top layer, and it just ended up peeling right off. There is no doubt in my mind that this cup will last me for quite some time. I really do plan on using this a ton! She also included some care instructions too and the cup even came with a straw which was great too!

Last but certainly not least we have some holiday decor!!! I wont lie to you this was what I was most excited to share with you all! Like I mentioned earlier I am a huge sucker for holiday decor so when they made it's way to my home I was sooooo excited I couldn't wait to start decorating! These are the perfect little signs to add through out your home on shelves, they make the perfect little touch of decor and they aren't too much! I find pieces like this the easily to decorate with. The thing I really enjoy the most about these signs is that fact that they are reversible.I can use these to decorate for fall and still continue to use them for Spooky season!!! I am obsessed with these little signs! Make sure you are following me on insta @daniibabii1119 these little babies will be making an appearance soon so you can see how I am decorating for fall & Halloween!


I just want to give a big thank you to Caffeine Crafting Mama for sending me all these goodies to share with you all! I love all these products and they are super well made I know that these will be pieces I have for such a long time to come!

Make sure you check out all of her links which I will list down below!

Check out Caffeine Crafting Mama here:


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