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Cascade Queen Designs

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my site! Today I have an amazing small business to share with you all. This business is called Cascade Queen Designs and the owner is Dana. I had the best experience working with Dana.She specializes in sola wood flowers.

Which was something I never heard of until I started planning my wedding last year. Sola wood flower are artificial flowers made from wood that look extremely real. I had no idea this was a thing until I started googling options for my wedding. I knew I didn't want to spend thousands on real flowers for my wedding and I wanted to have something that I could keep forever and so I figured sola would be the best option for me. I found Cascade Queen Designs on instagram while browsing for options for my wedding and was instantly blown away by the amazing flowers she makes. I had to do double take because I couldn't believe that they were fake flowers. Cascade Queen Designs provided all my flowers for my wedding and I am so excited to share them all with you. The package I received contained:

My bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, swags for my arch, a garland for my head table, and loose flowers I used to decorate my cake with.

1st lets talk the initial consultation I had with Cascade Queen Designs. I spoke with her and told her my vision for my wedding, the theme, the colors and I even sent her some inspo pictures of flowers I found online that I loved the look of. It was a super easy process and she explained everything and walked me through it all. She told me to pick the actual colors I wanted and even told me I could go to home depot and send her the colors of the pain swatches I wanted. All of her flowers are hand painted so she can take any color you want and bring them to life. I thought this was so amazing since colors are such a big deal for wedding you really want to make sure all the colors match together. Then after we talked about that, we discussed all the floral items I would need for my wedding. I love that Cascade Queen Designs makes so many items, so that you can get all of your floral all in one spot and everything will be cohesive.

Once we had a plan set with colors and items I would want for my wedding she started the process by creating my flowers. She sent me so many progress photos through out the process to make sure I was happy with how things were going. She was able to tweak things as she went which is something I really loved so much too! She also was super helpful when it came to the whole planning process too, she gave me her opinion and helped me picked options she knew I would love.

She spent so much time making my items and it truly was shown with how amazing she was during the whole duration of this process. Once she was done with making everything she sent pictures for me for final approval, and shipped everything out to me right away. I will say I was really nervous with the shipping because I was not sure how fragile the flowers would be and I also had no idea how she would be able to ship everything out to me without anything getting damaged. She shipped everything in two boxes and wrapped everything in bubble wrap so it was literally impossible for anything to get damaged during shipping. Once everything arrived I unpacked everything Cascade Queen Designs told me that the flowers might flatten during the shipping process and gave me some tips and tricks how to open the flowers back up. It took some practice but I finally got the hang of it and they all looked gorgeous. My mom and I spent some time "fluffing" the flowers and they really came to life!

My bridesmaids loved their bouquets and they matched their dresses perfectly. All three of them really loved the flowers and all of them ended up keeping their bouquets that they used in the wedding which I thought was really special that they wanted to keep them. We got so many compliments on the flowers and everything was in shock that they were not real flowers. I really love how I decided to get a different bouquet from my bridal party. I was a little nervous about it at first but it did really end up looking beautiful all of the flowers ended up looking so gorgeous together and they really complimented each other.

The boutonnieres looked so gorgeous too! My husbands was all while with a pop of pink which really looked so great with his white suit. The grooms men's were the opposite and were pink. They wore all navy blue so the pink really popped against their suits. The boys really liked these and I think it really was the perfect finishing touch to their suits. They also all kept their boutonnieres which was a really cool memory for them to hold on too.

I also received three corsages in my package. These were used for my mom, my grandmother, and my mother in law. These were all the same and contained navy, pink and white flowers in them. I love how these contained all the colors because it really pulled everything together. My grandmother recently passed away but I was lucky enough for her to be able to attend my wedding, and one of the memories I will cherish is when we gave her a corsage to wear for the wedding she was really surprised and so excited that we included her. Even after the wedding she kept this out on top of her dresser for display since she loved it so much.

I also received a 6 foot garland in my package. I chose to use this at my head table and it looked gorgeous! I decided for this piece I would want to include all the colors in it so it would again match my theme perfect, which I am so glad i did. It looked amazing across the table. The thing I love most about this piece it that I can use this in my home now. I have so many ideas in my head on how I plan on styling and it's so special since it was at our wedding on our table.

We got married outside and had a really pretty arch and I knew I wanted some floral pieces to go on top of it. This was the thing I was most proud about because I was not sure how this would come out. I had a vision in my head and it ended up coming together better than I could have ever imagined. The flowers i had outside were all pink and white which I am so happy that I chose those colors became it just looked so soft and elegant. It really was gorgeous!

The last thing that I received from Cascade Queen Designs were some loose flowers. We had a few ideas on what we were going to use them for but ended up just using them for the cake and it turned out perfect. Our cake was on the more simple side so the flowers were pulled it all together and add a fun flair to it. We chose a cascading effect with the flowers to go down it and I think it turned out so perfect. All of these flowers for our big day turned our incredible. I can't ask for anything better then these. They really made our big day perfect. Flowers are such an important part to a wedding and I am so glad that I found Cascade Queen Designs. She truly gave me everything I could have ever dreamed of. The whole process of working with Cascade Queen Designs has been amazing. I can't recommend her enough.

I wanted to give a big thank you to Cascade Queen Designs for working with me for such an important event in my life. I truly am so happy with how everything came together. You are so talented and I wish you the best with your business!

Check her out here:


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