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Chic Me Jewelry

Hi Everyone!!

Welcome back to my page! In Today's post we are going to be taking a closer look at some amazing products from a business by the name of Chic Me Jewelry, and I bet you will never guess the type of products that they sell lol just kidding! Of course they sell a huge variety of different jewelry pieces. Chic Me Jewelry sent me over a nice variety to share with you all!

The first item that was sent to me are these adorable and colorful beaded snake earrings, which are a total statement piece. I have nothing like this in my collection and I just love how different they are. These are definitely on the "funky" side which is totally my style. I love these are on the bigger side too so they would definitely be the focus part of any outfit you would pair with these. The colors in the beads make these perfect to style with literally any color you could think of. Surprisingly these are on the larger side but they are still pretty comfortable when you wear them. I really love these and can't wait to style these with some of my outfits in my closet.

The next item I have to share with you all is these adorable Rainbow dangle earrings. These are another really fun piece too! I love how they dangle too which makes these really cute! I think my favorite part about these earrings is that inside the rainbow there is a row of bling. If you know me then you know that I am a huge fan of all things bling, so this was really the perfect touch for me. Obviously these are rainbows so they have a ton of color in them which is really cute. The colors are really vibrant too! These earring are pretty light weight too!

The last pair of earrings I have to share with you all is a total different vibe. These are called the Gold Drop earrings. I would say that these are more on the classy side. Since they are just gold they would match with a ton of different outfits too. I am personally a fan of larger earrings and I love how these are classy but still pretty large in size. I love how these are more on the simple side. I haven't seen many earrings with this shape and love how they are "dangle" style which is my favorite style of earrings.

The last item I have to share with you from Chic Me Jewelry is this adorable ring set. This ring set came with a total of three rings and they all match together really perfect. The first ring is a pink heart stone ring which happens to my favorite one. I love how it's simple! The next one in the sent is the heart and gem band, this one is super cute too and I love the accents of the pink on it. The last one in the set is the pink butterfly which is gorgeous. I love how all these rings match really well together so you could wear these out as a set or you could just wear them separate. I am in love with the pieces that Chic Me Jewelry sent me over. Their shop is definitely the place to check out if you are looking for any jewelry pieces. I can't recommend this shop enough, they sell high quality pieces for pretty reasonable prices. Make sure you go check them out!

Check out Chic Me Jewelry here:


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