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Dear Scarlett

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my page! I have another small business product review for you all. This post will be all about a small business called Dear Scarlett. This newer business opened in 2023 and is a wholesale brand, which aims to combine comfort into fashion. They cater to sizes from small to 3X

Dear Scarlett sent me over four designs in their most popular shirt called "Lizzy". I will say I love how all these shirts are so different. I had to look at them all a 2nd time to confirm that they were all the same style of shirt because I honestly did not think that they were lol. This first color pattern had more yellow in it which is just gorgeous. I am normally not big fan of yellow but I love all the other colors paired with the yellow. It really makes it pop. This is the perfect design for the upcoming warmer months. When I first put on this shirt I was instantly in love. Being a plus sized girl usually finding shirts is not always easy for me. I love how this fit me. It was very flowy and was very flattering too.

The next color design is a pink and purple color style which is gorgeous. These colors are stunning in real life too. I think one of my favorite thing about these shirts are how the patterns are really bright in real life too. I was expecting these not to be as bright in person, but I was wrong about that. I love how the sleeves can be rolled up or rolled down for cooler weather. Living in Florida these are the perfect type of shirts for our weather. The fabric for these shirts is super breathable too which is super nice.

The next design is more on the pink side which I am a big fan of. Pink is the color I usually gravitate towards when picking out clothes for myself, probably because it's my favorite color lol. I love the subtle touches of the yellow in this design which looks really nice. I love how these shirts really look flattering on all body types too, which makes this so practical for pretty much anyone.

The last shirt that was sent over to me is probably the one I love the most. This design has pink, light purple and black. I love that this shirt has black because that is a color that I tend to wear a lot of especially leggings, yoga pants ect. All these shirts are truly gorgeous and is a great staple to anyone's wardrobe. I love how these are shirts that you can dress up or even dress down. I'm sure you can tell that just by looking at all the photos I included of all the models. Each look is so different. I think having pieces that are so versatile, really makes you tend to wear them the most. I am so impressed with the quality of these shirts and can't wait to add these to my wardrobe. I can't believe how many times I have already wore each of these shirts already. I highly recommend checking out their site and hope I will have future reviews for you all about more products that they have!

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