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Dream Shoppe Designz

Hi Everyone,

Today I will be sharing with you all another small shop by the name of Dream Shoppe Designz. This shop sent me some goodies to share with you all.

This shop was so nice enough to send me three different items to show case and show you all what this shop is all about. This shop is filled with things that blinged out which is totally up my alley in case you were not aware lol. Up first Is the mug! Which I am obsessed with! I decided to go with the color pink which I am so happy about. I absolutely love the color pink of all the gems placed on this mug. The actual design of this mug is just adorable. One one side of the mug is a paw print in a heart which is perfect for any fur lover! The other side of the mug I had something customized and went with "Dog Mom" which I think is perfect for the mug! I think the pink pops against the white mug. This mug is 14 fl oz which is the perfect size not too big and not too small. All the gems were placed perfectly and they are super secure too which is something I was worried about when I seen this listed in her shop. If pink isn't your thang, no worries there are

plenty of other color

options on her site such as blue, purple and red. These retail for $22.99 which is beyond reasonable. These would make a great gift for sure! Next we have the notebook, which again I went for pink...what a surprise lol. There are a few other color options available on her site such as green, blue and orange. The shade range for the notebooks are all in neon which I just love! This also matches the mug too with the whole "bling" theme which I am sooooo here for! Who doesn't love a little bling? Am I right or am I right? I love the little touch of bling that this adds to the notebook. On this notebook is says Girl Boss, which is pretty perfect for me since that's what I am lol! There are currently two options for the notebooks listed on the site but I am sure she can create anything you might like!

One small detail about these notebooks that I really appreciate is something small that I

noticed, inside there are actual pockets in the journal in the first page! I just love that! These retail for only $7.99 which again is such a great price. Last but certainly not least I will be sharing with you all a key chain that she sent over as well. This one was a total surprise to me and I wasn't expecting this one at all. It was a nice surprise to see this in the box too! She sent over an adorable Mom key chain. These are made out of acrylic and just are super cute. The vinyl that has the letters has a floral background which is just so cute and add a little bit to the key chain. The back of the key chain is a gorgeous gold sparkle color and for the perfect finishing touch she added a little yellow

tassel which matches perfectly with this key chain. These would make a killer gift for Mother's Day which is honestly right around the corner! Can you even believe it?

I think this would be a great gift to give on it its own or this would actually be super cute to use for a gift tag which is probably how I will end up using this little keychain for my Mom for Mother's Day! Overall I would say I am highly impressed with these products from Dream Shoppe Designz. All of the products are super well made and would make awesome gifts too! I love how much time was put into each product and it really shows! These three products are just a small sample of some of the amazing things listed for sale on her site. I highly suggest you check her page out for yourself so you can see what this amazing small business is all about!


I want to give a big thank you to Dream Shoppe Designz for sending me these amazing pieces! I love them all and wish you the best! I hope to work with you again in the future!

Check out Dream Shoppe Designz here:


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