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Endless Strands

Hi Everyone,

Today I am back with another small business! This one is called Endless Strands. This small business owner is a mother of two young boys based out of Michigan. She opened Endless Strands at the start of the pandemic when one of her close friends asked if her she could some masks for her. Endless Strands specializes in making cloth masks, in a huge variety of fun and colorful fabrics. Endless Strands sent me over a total of 6 gorgeous masks to share with you all today, so let's get started!

First up we have a Starbucks themed mask. This one is gorgeous! I love the combination of the floral print along with the Starbucks logo. This floral design has the prettiest colors in the design. I love the pattern of this one. The strap colors are blue which is the perfect accent color with this mask. This would be the perfect gift for any Starbucks lover!

Next up we have a Mario themed design. This design is a water color design and has a ton of all the old school Mario characters on it! This mask is so vibrant in person and the colors really pop and it's pretty bright which I really like. This mask is perfect for any video game lover!

Next we have an adorable Winnie the Pooh print. I got this mask for my Mom since she is a huge collector of all things Winnie the pooh. I love how this mask has a pretty simple color scheme and it's not too wild. I love how it feature Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet on the mask. I know my mom is going to love this mask and I am so glad I got this one for her!

The next design I have to share with all is this Baby Yoda one! I'm sure everyone has someone in their life that is obsessed with Baby Yoda right now lol I know I do! I thought this design was adorable and if this design isn't your favorite she has plenty of other baby Yoda ones listed in her shop so don't you worry lol!

This next mask is something I picked out for myself and when you see you will know why! LOL! This is one of her Lisa Frank designs! I am in love with this mask! I love the colors and how much and bright this mask is. I am a huge fan of Lisa Frank and it is a little difficult to find at times so when I seen this I just knew that I needed it.

The last design I have to share with you all is this Unicorn one! Again the color are gorgeous and I just love the design of this one. I am super impressed with all these masks that Endless Strands sent me over to share with you all. She has such a huge variety listed on her website. There is literally something for everyone which is so great. These would make the perfect gifts. These masks are super well made and very durable. I am super impressed and highly recommend checking out Endless Strands

Check out Endless Strands here:


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