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Hiiii Everyone,

I am back again with another amazing small business to share with you all! This business is called Farm Werks.

This is a business that specializes in wood decor pieces. This generous small business was so nice to send me over two adorable decor pieces to share with you all. As you can probably guess we have some more adorable and super stylish Halloween wooden decor! These are probably the cutest pieces that I have in my collection I love how small and simple these are. Farm Werks sent me over two of these adorable guys. One is a bat, and the other is a little ghost. It's hard to pick a favorite so I wont lol. I love both of them and think they are truly perfect. I love how simple these are. I know a lot of people have specific theme

They usually decorate for with Halloween, and they good part about these is that they will compliment any pieces you already have. These would be perfect to add to anything you might already have. Or if you are not huge on decorating for the Holidays these are a good little touch of fun that you can add to your home, or even in your office. I really love the look of these adorable little guys. They give me that "Farm house" vibe which is so popular right now. It's hard to tell in the photos but these pieces have a rustic feel to them and the paint was sanded in some areas to give them that authentic "rustic/farmhouse vibe!

I have so many plans on using these to decorate for Halloween so make sure you are following me over on isntagram (@daniibabii1119) so you can see how I end up placing these through out my home.


I want to thank FarmWerks for sending me these adorable pieces over. I am obsessed with them and can't wait to use them when I start decorating for Halloween! I think they are so well made and super cute!! I wish you the best and hope to work with you again in the upcoming future!

Make sure you check out this small business here:


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