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Forevershine Collections Q&A

What is the name of your business? Forevershine Collections

  1. How long have you been in business? Just over a year

  2. What made you want to open your own business? Our main goal is sending sunshine to our customers door. We also wanted to create a subscription box experience without recurring payments. We like to include inspirational aspects to help women become the best version of themselves

  3. Where are you based out of? Michigan

  4. What do you sell? We sell self care products, mystery boxes, themed boxes and gift sets!

  5. Do you ship your products? If so any restrictions? We offer free shipping but we ship to US only

  6. What’s your favorite/most popular product you currently sell? Our themed boxes and mystery boxes are the most popular

  7. What is your favorite thing about owning your own business? A lot of customers will reach out and tell me how much they love their order and that is the best part of owning a business. Knowing that I can bring happiness to someone's door is so awesome.

  8. What has been the biggest struggle with owning your own business? The biggest struggle with a small business is getting the name out there with limited resources. Especially when there are so many other companies who are so well known and trusted in the self care department. It's all word of mouth which in it's own way is something really special.

  9. What is something unique about your own business? I think our company has a vibe of it's own. We like adding bright colors and inspirational aspects. We also run a lot of sales and free gifts!

Check out Forevershine Collections here:


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