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Happy Planning Events

About The Owner

Meet Tanya Breland, the owner of her small business Happy Planning Events. Not only is Tanya the owner of her business but she is also the lead planner too. She has an associate degree in Mental Health and Human Services and she is currently finishing up her certification to become a certified wedding planner.

Her job history over her lifetime consists of having over 10 years of sales and marketing experience, 6 years as a mental health professional, and 6 years of experience as a supervisor. While Tanya is a busy wife and mother she also enjoys spending her free time by reading, watching TV, going out with her friends and spending time with the people that mean the most to her.

History Of The Business

Tanya has always had a love for LOVE and she enjoys hearing a great love story. Her love is what truly sparked her passion to create her business. She truly enjoys being able to help her customers during a really stressful time of their life. She enjoys helping to relieve the overwhelming stress that comes from planning a wedding. She desires for her couples to enjoy their engagement. While she enjoys all of the logistical parts of the wedding planning process. Tanya gets a sense of fulfillment that overtakes her when she sees her couples sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying their big day.

About The Business

Happy Planning Events is based out of NYC and Tanya is hoping to expand her business over the next years to be able to help more happy couples plan their dream weddings.

Tanya provides several different wedding planning services such as event consultant, month of coordination, partial planning, full service planning, and a few a la carte services for her clients that need specific help for their big day. If you want a little help, or planning your entire wedding Happy Planning Events can really help take the pressure off with the planning process that so you can sit back and enjoy your big day.

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