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Jenna's Custom Signs Of Coronado

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Hi Everyone, I am so excited to be sharing with you a custom hand painted sign that I recently received from a small business by the name of Jenna's Custom Signs of Coronado! Just in time for Valentine's Day she sent me this adorable hand painted Valentine's Gnome that I am already obsessing over!


As you can see from the photo this sign is super adorable and vert unique. Everything about this sign is totally perfect! I think this is the perfect decor for Valentine's Day without being too much! I love how she chose to do this sign on a piece of round wood too. I think it just goes perfect. She hand painted this sign and I am truly blown away with the details that she included in this sign. There are no flaws and it honestly looks like it was made by a machine with how perfect it is! I think my favorite part of this entire sign is that she chose to place a button on the gnomes hat which is just absolutely adorable!


On the back of the sign she included her signature and a simple piece of yarn to hang it up! I am so glad that she included this because as soon as I received this in the mail I instantly hung it up and couldn't wait any longer lol!


I would highly recommend this shop to anyone looking for fun home decor. Not only does she make Seasonal/ Holiday decor she makes things that are perfect for all year long. Here is a sneak peek of what this small business has to offer.


I want to personally thank Jenna's Custom Signs for being featured on my page! Thank you so much for your support and I can't wait to feature you again in the future!


Get in touch with this shop here:


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