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JRH Woodworking Company

Hi Everyone,

I am back with another small business to showcase for you all! Today we are going to be taking a closer look at JRH Woodworking Company, which is a company I discovered on instagram. The shop owner is John and he is so friendly and talented. His shop contains all types of products that he custom makes out of wood. John was amazing enough to want to work with me and send me over some of his products that he makes to share with you guys so you can get an idea of what him and his business is all about!

The 1st item he sent me over to share with you guys is one of his seasonal items. If you know anything about me then you probably know that I am obsessed with any kind of seasonal decor and when I seen these listed in his shop I fell in love right away lol. The product that he sent over is one of his 18' light up trees. This is a super unique piece and I love how it really goes with my everyday home decor which is awesome. The actual tree itself is made out of wood which John hand makes himself. The best part of this piece is that he went the extra mile and added fun string lights all across the tree which is the perfect Christmas touch. I love the way this piece looks in my living room, and the little lights are perfect when i turn all the lights out in my living room. I really love this piece and can't wait to keep using it every year!

here is the direct link to the tree:

The next item that JRH Woodworking Company sent me over to show you guys is this adorable singular tea light holder. John sent me over one of these and I just love it. It's really simple but it goes perfect with my living room decor too. I love how they look great alone or if you purchased multiple ones they look great as a group too which is awesome. The possibilities are endless with these tea light holders. I have so many ideas on how I plan to decorate using these in my living room. If you are interested in purchasing these here is the direct link:

My favorite thing about this small shop is that John can custom make anything, he is super talented and the things he has listed in his shop you can pick the stain for each item which is so great. This way you know everything you are getting can match your home decor that you already have.

I wanted to take this time to show case some more products that JRH Woodworking Company makes!

Photo 1: 15” 5 Candle Tea Light Holder

Photo 2: Rustic Tier Trees

Photo 3: Cutting boards

As you can see JRH Woodworking Company has such a huge array of products that are amazing! I highly reccomend checking out this small business!

Check out JRH Woodworking Company Here:


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