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K's Beauty Touch

About The Owner

Meet Karen Herrera, the owner of her small business K's Beauty Touch. Karen is 27 years old and has been working as an office assistant for the past 6 years. She was born in Dallas but she grew up in Houston. In Karen's free time she loves to read, work out hard in the gym and also really enjoys cooking. After Karen graduated from High school she went to college to be a medical assistant.

History Of The Business

K's Beauty Touch has been open for 6 months. Currently Karen's business is home based but has hopes to have her own space in the future for her clients to come. She started her business because she would get Body Scultping done on herself and she started seeing amazing results so she thought why not help other people out as well . Karen's favorite thing about owning her business is being able to see all the results she is able to give her to clients and how happy they end up being for the results

About The Business

K's Beauty Touch provides Body Sculpting and Lipo Shots. Her most popular services that she offers are Chin Reduction & stomach sculpting. Karen being able to helping others feel better about their body. She knows that a lot of women’s have insecurities, and she loves being able to help them gain more confidence with the services that she provides. Her biggest struggle with her owning her business has been building up her clientele, but she she is hopeful that the word will get out and her business will continue to grow.

Services Offered

*Below are a list of some services that are offered at K's Beauty Touch; to see a full list of services please check out her website which is listed below*

Lipo 360: 3 things come with this package Cavitation, Radio Frequency & Laser Lipo . It’s a treatment to help you lose inches.

Lipo Shots: A fat dissolver it’s painless needle free system that uses air pressure this helps reduce stubborn fat.

Booty Lift: This service includes the butt cupping with the Radio Frequency to help reduce cellulite.

Leg Scultping: This service helps reduce the unwanted cellulite with the Radio Frequency & Laser Lipo Pads.

RF Face Treatment: Radio Frequency facial- helps reduce wrinkles & improves skin tightness & elasticity

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