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Kabe Handmade

Hi everyone thanks so much for stopping by today and checking out my page! I have a product I am super excited to share with you all today. I have a custom cup made by a small business called Kabe Handmade


This shop took all my ideas and combined them all together to make this gorgeous cup for my fiancé. I wasn't sure what I wanted on this cup and she honestly made something so perfect! I couldn't think of a better design for him. She really nailed this cup and he loves it so much! I told her he liked fishing and that his favorite color is blue and this is what she came up with and it’s just perfect! The color of this cup is gorgeous and it’s so shiny which is really eye catching.


This cup was made beautifully. The top coat over this design was also well done. The top layer that she applied to this cup is so even and it's extremely smooth. It's so hard to even believe that this cup was handmade to be honest. It’s so perfect I literally can’t find anything wrong with it. My fiancé was so excited when I showed him the cup for the first time. He has been religiouslly using this cup everything single day.


I think the design is simple but It looks so good on this cup. I also must say this size cup is great to! He always has a cup with him and this is the perfect size to tote around with you all day. This cup also came with a straw which was a great little touch she included in my package.

If fishing isn’t your thing don’t worry! It’s not mine either lol this shop has tons of different cups listed in their shop there is literally something for everyone! If you have something she hasn’t done before I’m certain she can make it come to life. This shop is perfect for everyone! These would make amazing gifts too!


I also need to mention the fact that this shop does way more then just cups! Here is just a quick little sneak peek of some of the things this shop has made. I wont give away too much because I want you to go check them out for yourself :)


This cup is more then I honestly thought it would be and I am so glad I was able to work with Kabe Handmade. Thank you so much for working with me and I hope to work with you again in the future

Check this shop out:


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