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Kraft By Karol

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at another small business. This business is called Kraft By Karol. This is an Etsy shop that makes custom shot glasses. Kraft By Karol was so generous that she sent me over a full set for my whole bridal party for my wedding. We got a shot glass for each person in our bridal party along with one for husband and myself.

They currently offer two different types of shot glasses in their shop. The first is a glass engraved design, and the second is a stainless steel design that is engraved as well. I decided to go with stainless steel because I thought they would be more durable and they were. The actual design had each person in our bridal parties first name, along with their title for our big day and an image of a dress or a tux. I absolutely love how these turned out and our bridal party loved them as well.

We ended up using these the night before our wedding and got some really cute pictures using them too! I was really surprised that she did another set for my hubby and myself. These ones had our wedding date and wifey and hubby engraved across them. These were perfect for our honeymoon. I really love how these shot glasses are on the larger sizes and not just standard. The fact that they are stainless steel is really great too because it kept the alcohol colder for longer which I am a fan of. I am super impressed with the over all quality of these shot glasses. The design is super cute and custom and they are super well made too. I want to give a huge thank you to Kraft By Karol for sending me over these glasses. I just love them! I wish you and your business the best and hope we can work together in the future again!

Check out Kraft By Karol here:


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