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Kreations By Carol

Hi everyone,

I am excited to share with you all another small business that I am sure you will all love just as much as I do! Kreations by Carol is the name of this small business that we will be talking about today. Carole was generous enough to send me over some adorable Easter pieces of decor that I will be sharing with you all today.

I have 4 pieces total that I will be showing you all. The best thing about this shop is that there are two ways to buy from this small business. You can order the supplies to make your own projects which is just so much fun. If DIY isn't your thing no big deal. This small shop also sells these projects already completed. The ones I will be showing with you today are already completed. I was sent over two Easter eggs.

As you can see they are both very different from each other. She used two different painted techniques, one of them is a plaid one and the other one has a crackle effect to it which I really like. It doesn't stop just there she wrapped the plaid one up with a ribbon to give it just a fun little touch. Up next we have two bunnies. Again both of these bunnies are pretty different from each other also. The first bunny has a floral pattern on it with a ribbon, and the other bunny has a very detailed stenciled design to it. I love how all 4 of these pieces are so different from each other but together they go perfectly

and all compliment each piece. I am beyond obsessed with these and love how simple they are. As you can see from the photos there are soooo many different ways you can complete these projects, from stencils, colors, and other fun pieces that you add to them you can truly make them little pieces of art and make them to fit your decor any way that you like. The possibilities are endless. They are so many projects listed on her website there is something for everyone. These would make fun projects to do with your family too! I love how there are two ways to purchase as well just in case you are not into the the DIY's

I want to thank Carol for working with me! I had such a pleasure and loved everything that you sent me! I wish you all best with your business!

Check out this shop here:


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