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Kristine's Shower


I am back to share with you all a small business by the name of Kristine's Shower. I came across this page on FB. Kristine's Shower makes a huge array of different bath and body products such as bath bombs, shower bombs, soap body frosting and so much more. I was immediately attracted to this business because I have such a huge love for bath bombs, and I loved how many options she had as far as scents go!

Kristine sent me over two different products to share with you all. She sent me a 12 pack variety

of her bath bombs along with a handmade bar of soap. These are her two more popular items that she has in her store and I am so glad these are the ones she chose to send over to me to share with you all. First we are going to start off with talking about the variety pack of bath bombs she sent. The actual package it self if super cute I love it's a clear container so you can really see all the different bath bombs in the pack. There are individually wrapped inside the actual plastic container too, and all of the individual bath bombs are labeled with their scents which is perfect. Right away I was really impressed with how vibrant they all were.

The ingredients in these are baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, shea butter, coconut oil & certified organic sustainable palm oil, fragrance & coloring. Each bath bomb is 2.5 oz each - 2 inches in diameter. All of these bath bombs are packed with frgrance too which is something I personally look for when selecting a bath bomb to use for myself. On her website you can purchase these in packs of 4/6/ 12 and 30. The 12 pack that she sent me retails for $16.99 which is such an amazing price. I am super impressed with these and can't wait to try out so more of the scents included in my pack that she sent over!

Next up we have a bar of soap that she sent over. This bar of soap is super colorful and just looks fun! I love all the colors in this one bar of soap. From the photo I am sure you can tell there are pieces of green, purple, orange and white. The colors sound like they wouldn't look great together but I am impressed with how well they all compliment each other and looks really cool together. This bar of soap is packaged beautifully and has a label on it which looks super professional too! The ingredients: for the soap include: Saponified oils of babassu, coconut, palm kernel, avocado, sunflower, castor and shea butter, ultramarines, clays & oxides (for coloring) and fragrance. There are a ton of different fragrance options for the soaps on her website as well!

I highly recommend checking out Kristine's Shower. This is just a peek at some of things she offers in her store. She has so many other amazing products listed. These would make the perfect gift for this upcoming holiday season!

Thank you so much Kristine's Shower!

Check out her website here:


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