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Leal Creations

Welcome back to my blog! Today I have another exciting review and small business shout out coming your way! This article will be all about the small business by the name of Leal Creations. The owner of this business is Michelle and she started her business about three years ago. She 1st started her business just by doing party decorations and custom t-shirts. She has come a long way in the past three years and now uses her glow-forge laser machine to make custom wood and acrylic pieces. She is a full time employee at a big company and a Mom too! She does her small business on the side and loves creating things and seeing all of her visions come to life for her customers.

Michelle was nice enough to send me three pieces to share with you all today. The pieces that she sent me are made specifically for decorating and styling tiered tray which is a huge thing right now. I am absolutely obsessed and have multiple of them through out my home and love to style them for the holidays and think they are the perfect way to decorate without being way too much either. The three pieces that she sent me are in the them "farmhouse" which again is super popular right now. I am in love with all these pieces that she sent me. I think they go beautifully together and look adorable on my tiered tray. It's insane how these were hand made and hand painted. They look stunning and I don't see any flaws in any of them. I am so impressed with the quality too. I was worried because they are smaller pieces, but I will say that these are well made and seem pretty sturdy too!

Even if you don't have a tiered tray these would make great pieces to just add to your shelves to add some little pops of fun! I can't wait to fix these in with my regular home decorations and see how they look with everything else in my home! make sure you are following my IG: @reviews_by_dani where I will be styling these pieces in my home!

I want to thank Leal Creations for sending me these pieces to share with everyone! I love them so much! I hope to work with you again in the future too!!

Check out Leal Creations here:


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