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Lisa's Wedding Vacation Childcare LLC

About The Owner

Meet Lisa Hard, the owner of her small business called Lisa's Wedding Vacation Childcare LLC. She finds being around children is uplifting and energizing especially when invited to view the world through from their eyes.

History Of The Business

Lisa opened her business in 2012. Lisa started her business because she felt like it would be a great niche for families guests etc who may need or want childcare at weddings, vacations and other events. Lisa researched her business plan and did not find very many options out there that provided childcare services likes she was planning on offering. She then decided to take a leap of faith and open her business, and hasn't looked back since.

About The Business

Lisa's business is based out of Rutland Vermont. Lisa travels to wedding venues, and other vacation destinations and watches the children with Qualified helpers if need be (for larger parties) They bring age appropriate activities, to keep the children entertained and having a good time! Lisa's mission is make sure the parents can be assured all the children are well be taking care of, so that they can sit back and relax. It's one less thing that they will have to worry

More Details About The Business

Lisa's provides a room with plenty of activities, so the children can have fun away from the party. The parents are able to stop by at any time of the event to check on the children through out the evening. Her team also provides updated texts and call through out the night to keep the parents at ease to know that there children are being well taken care of and are in good hands.

Contact Information


Phone Number:802-558-3278


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