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Lisha G Handmade

Welcome back everyone!

In this post we are going to take a closer look at Lisha G Handmade which specializes in resin tumblers and resin art, and glitter wine glasses.She also create custom shirts, onesies, wooden signs, and ornaments. Lisha G Handmade was so generous to send me over an item to share with you all. She sent me over one of her customized tumblers in a Lisa Frank design! When I seen this listed on her site I instantly fell in love with it. I have such a huge love for anything Lisa Frank and this one was really calling my name!

There are so many things I love about this cup. The 1st being that this cup has two sides to it and she did a design on each side, so just be a little patient if you can and I'll show you the other side once I am done showing off this 1st design. She chose the classic Lisa Frank logo which is perfect and the actual logo itself is on some gorgeous holographic vinyl. I love the sparkles of this. The background of this cup is a rainbow cheetah print which just screams Lisa Frank and compliments that sparkle logo beautifully.

The 2nd side I will call the "Party Side" this one has all the Lisa Frank characters that you grew up with! This is my favorite side for sure! This side has so many colors and I just love it! the background for this side is orange on the bottom and yellow on the top which was a great color choice for the design it really is a gorgeous accent to this side. I am super impressed with the quality of this cup as well. Its really smooth all the way around the entire cup and it's super shiny too! I am a huge collector of cups and I am so excited to add this to my collection! Along with the cup she included a top and a straw which is included in any cup you order from her. Don't worry if Lisa Frank isn't your style. She has so many other fun designs listed in her shop! I highly recommend checking out Lisha G Handmade!

Check out Lisha G Handmade here:

Instagram: @lishaghandmade


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