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Lorena's Farmhouse

Hi Everyone,

I am back with another small business to showcase and share with you all. Today I am back with Lorena's Farmhouse. This is a small business that started April 2019! She makes handmade farmhouse, rustic and French chic inspired home decor and so much more. Today I will be sharing a piece with you all that she sent to me. This is definitely something that is pretty popular right now and I have seen them all over instagram and have always wanted one!

This a book stack! I have seen these everywhere! I think they are absolutely adorable and totally unique too! I was super impressed when I received this in the mail from Lorena. I just assumed these were made out of wood, but actually they are made out of real books! I literally had no idea lol! I love how these are sooo simple! This makes decorating with them 1000 times easier too! I just love the look of this on my mantle I think it looks sooo great! I included a photo so you can see how I styled this piece. I place a ceramic pumpkin on top of it and surrounded it with some of my favorite fall decor pieces and it just works perfectly. I'm sure you could style this so many other ways too but this what I found looked the cutest for me in my opinion. This book stack says "Welcome to the patch" which I think is just so perfect for Fall decor and it's also going to go perfect with all of my Halloween decor too! I am so excited that this is a piece that I can keep out for a while.


I want to thank Lorena's Farmhouse for sending me this adorable book stack I absolutely love it! I wish you and your business the best of luck and hope to work with you again in the future! Make sure you check out this amazing small business to see what other things she has available! Check out her links below!

IG: @crafty_grl1


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