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Lysha B Creative

Hi Everyone,

I am back with another small business to share with you all today. This business is called Lysha B Creative and I found this business while browsing through instagram. I found this page, and really loved the variety that she had listed on her page and knew she would be an amazing business to feature on my page. She sells a ton of different products such as customized pens, cups, apparel and so much more. Lysha B Creative was amazing enough to send me over two different products to share with you all today and I am so excited to share them with you.

The thing that really stuck out to me on her page was her customized clipboards. I never seen these done before and thought this would be something I could use everyday at work. I told her I just wanted something pink and glittery and she got to work but creating this gorgeous set for me. I love the white marble accents that she chose to place on the clipboard. I would have never thought to choose this, but it looks so amazing with the pink and it really pops, and compliments it super well. Include in my package she also included a matching pen with the clipboard which was a super nice surprise especially since it matches the clipboard so perfectly too! I can't wait to use these in my office at work. I know I am going to get a ton of compliments on this set. I really love this set! I am super amazed with the products from Lysha B Creative, you can really tell all the hard work and time she puts into her items. Even down to the packaging, Lysha B Creative is super talented and creative. I highly recommend checking out her page. You will not be disappointed! I want to give a big thank you to Lysha B Creative for working with me! I really love the products you sent over to me. I wish you and you business the best of luck and hope we can work again in the future!

Check out her links listed here:


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