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Makeup with Mandy

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. In this post we are going to take a look at a product that was sent to me from Makeup with Mandy, who is actually an independent consultant for the company SeneGence.

Makeup with Mandy sent me over a nicely packed package for me to share with you all. The product she sent me over to try is one of SeneGence's most popular product which is their LipSense. So you are probably asking yourself what is LipSense?! Well let me tell you about it..... it is a l Long-Lasting Lip Color, it is waterproof and does not kiss-off, smear off, or budge off. This lip color is suppose to last all day and not budge which is pretty cool in my opinion. I hate re-applying my lip color through out the day so I figured I would love a product like this.

The color that I picked out for Mandy to send over to me is called "Milk Rose" which I thought was the perfect natural but really pretty color. This is something that I could wear everyday just to give my lips a little pop of color but not over doing it. These lip colors retail for $25.00 which is pretty good price. For the application it is recommended to apply three even layers to the lips, while allowing them all to dry in between layers.

It's recommended after you apply the LipSense that you apply a lip gloss or a lip balm but you think it would stop there..... nope.... LOL. There a ton of options for these as well. There are so many different options for the lip glosses and the balm that really transforms and completes the final look of the lip color which is pretty cool. I love how there are different shapes of lip glosses. Makeup with Mandy was nice enough to send me over a big variety of glosses to try to with my LipSense. I am super excited to try them them all out and see which gloss I like best. The last thing included in my package was a beauty book which includes a book of all the items that Makeup with Mandy has on her website. I must say I am super interested in trying some more products from this company. I am super excited about these lip products that Makeup with Mandy sent me over to share with you all. I want to give a big thank you to her for sending these to me! I wish you and your business all of the best!

Check out Makeup with Mandy here:

Link to her website to shop & order!

Link to join her VIP Facebook Group!


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