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Mccaffrey Creations

Hi Everyone,

This post is going to be about a small business called McCaffrey Creations. This business offers ready to ship and custom glitter tumblers and pens as well as Rhinestone pens. She offers a variety of different styles and size tumblers. Everything is handmade by the owner Danielle Mccaffrey. If there is one thing you all should know about me it's that I am obsessed with cups. I have an entire cabinet in my home full of different cups. I can never have enough lol. When I found her page I was so excited because she creates some amazing cups!

The cup that she sent over to me to is this pink floral design one. I am in love with how this cup turned out. Not only is it my favorite color but it's also covered in glitter which is another one of my favorite things too! I love the graphic of the pink flowers with the green leaves it really pops against the pale pink background. This cup is in the size 20oz and it's the skinny size too, which happens to my favorite size of cups since it's the easiest one to hold.

This cup is actually a wrapped design meaning that the design wraps all the way around the cup so it's looks different whichever way you hold the cup. Every time I look at this cup I notice something that I didn't see earlier lol. I just think this cup is so pretty and elegant and I can't wait to start using it right away. Another really great thing about McCaffrey Creations is that she creates her cups are expoxy free so that means no harsh chemicals were used to create them. All tumbler cups come inside a box with a lid and straw.

I am super impressed with the quality of this cup and the overall design I highly recommend checking out McCaffrey Creations

Check her out here:


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