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Megabeads Boutique


Welcome back to my blog! I am back with another small business to showcase for you all today. This is a business that I found on Etsy! It's called Megabeads Boutique which specializes in seasonal decor. I have a few different pieces that Megabeads Boutique sent me over to share with you all today. This post is going to take a closer look at some of her Christmas items she had in her store this Holiday season. I want to show you what she has to offer so if you are needing any type of seasonal decor you can check out her shop!

The first item I have to share with all are these adorable Mr and Mrs Claus birdhouse ornaments. These are sooooo cutee!!!! These are perfect ornaments for your tree and they also make super cute shelf decor too since they are mini. I placed mine on my tiered tray and it's the perfect size. The actual birdhouses are a vibrant red color which is matte. For the perfect finishing touch she added little bows to top of each one which is just perfect. I love how these are listed as a pair in her shop too!

The next item I have to share with you all is this adorable Red Truck beaded garland. I am in love with this piece. For my Christmas decor this year I did a lot of decorating with Red Trucks and I think this is the perfect pop to add to one of my shelves. I love the color choices she made with this one too. The Red, green and white compliment each other so well. The things that really amazes me with Megabeads Boutique is that she hand paints everything in her shop which is incredible. I can't even imagine how long it must have taken her to paint a piece like this. You can see all the details in the little truck and it's just amazing. This beaded garland is pretty long too so there are so many way you can style this in your home with your holiday decor.

Next we have a Coca beaded tassel. This is the perfect finishing touch if you are planning on having a Hot Cocoa bar this Holiday/ Winter season which has seem to be pretty popular this year as well. This would make the perfect addition to that area. This would look really cute attached to a Hot Coca canister or even hanging out of a mug in that area. I plan on using mine on one of my canisters and I know it's going to be the perfect little decor piece.

I have another beaded garland to share with you all this one is in the theme of gingerbread men. This one in a similar color scheme but has accents of wood. I love the details of the end of garland with the ribbons. The hand painted gingerbread also looks perfect. I love the painted face on him, it's just adorable and I love his little bow tie! It's so hard to believe these pieces are hand painted because they are just so flawless. I have an adorable gingerbread themed tiered tray this year and this is going to go perfect with that!

I do have one final piece to share with you all. This one is a mini rolling pin that says "Gingerbread" on it. This is just so adorable with how mini it is. I added this to my tiered tray and it looks perfect there. I am so beyond impressed with Megabeads Boutique. I truly love all the piece that she sent me over to share with you all. I am so blown away with the quality and the amount of details she adds to every piece. If you are looking for any type of seasonal decor I highly recommend checking out Megabeads Boutique!

Check out Megabeads Boutique here:


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