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Megan’s Art Box

Hi Everyone,

Today I will be showing you a piece that I received from Megan‘s Art Box. When I first stumbled upon her Instagram page I was blown away and I knew I wanted to work with this small business. Her page is filled with all different products it was hard for me to to decide what would be best for me to showcase for you all.


She sent me a custom hoodie that I am in love with! She placed my monogram in the top left corner of the hoodie, and she chose sole gorgeous script. I love the simplicity of this hoodie and how it can be worn literally all the time. The actual vinyl decal she decided to use pink which I am so glad she did! It’s such a nice shade of pink and it really add a little pop of color on the black hoodie. I will say the decal was attached pretty professional. It’s not peeling in any of the areas which seems to be a problem I face when getting products like this. I have washed this hoodie multiple times and it looks brand new still. I have had no issues with it and every time I wash it, it cleans up so nicely. I think this is probably my favorite hoodie that I currently own. I think the actual hoodie that she used is a pretty nice one and it’s pretty great quality. The inside lining is really warm and has been keeping me nice and toasty this winter season.


As I mentioned before this shop features so many products. This shop has something literally for everyone so I just wanted to take the time to share it with you all so you can see a little peek at some other amazing products she has made for her customers. I included some photos of my favorite pieces that she has made


Thank you Megan so much for working with me! I wish you shop all of the best luck and hope that we can cross paths again in the future!

Check her out here:


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