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Mentopia Productions

About The Owner

Meet Mente Bezuneh, the owner of Mentopia Productions. He was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a young child Mente always was big into reading books and he spent most of his time immersing in them. He slowly even started writing his own, and sharing them with his classmates. Then he started filming his school trips and editing the videos into highlights, piecing bits together to tell a story. That's when it hit him that he wanted to tell stories for a living. Unfortunately, there was no film school at the college level in his country. He really wanted drop out of high school and pursue his dreams of film making on his own. He did end up finishing high school and eventually went to a university where he studied journalism and communications.

History Of The Business

Mente opened his business about three years ago. However, before establishing the name and making it an official LLC, He has been creating content for the past 10+ years. He has worked with international brands like UNICEF, NIKE, Coca Cola and many more that opened his eyes and exposed him to most of the things he knows now. It taught him the beauty of teamwork and how much more there is to what he can achieve. Mentopia Productions is based out of the DFW area serving the whole United States. They travel anywhere for their clients across the US

About The Business

Mentopia Productions provides full photography, videography, live streaming and photo booth rental services. They cover from intimate weddings and family events to international conferences and corporate events. Their state of the art photo booth is also a great way to entertain guests and keep the night young at any event. Their most popular services are their videography services and their photo booth rental. They are passionate about capturing stories. They are good at finding the narrative in any scenario and making it relatable. They don't just point and shoot, but they are very intentional about what they capture.

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