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MojiLife By Kevin Moore

Hi Everyone,

I am back with another business to showcase for you all. This business is called "Mojilife". This is an independent consultant company and my consultant I will be talking about today is Kevin Moore. He was genrious enough to share with me the Air Moji device and some fragrances too.

The device is called Air Moji, it is a USB rechargeable device that you can actually connect to an app which I thought was wayyyy cool! Essentially this device is a fan, and when you load a fragrance pod into this device the fan circulates the fragrance around which is a super cool concept. When picking out the actual device you have the options of the color to be black or white. It takes about 4 hours for the device to completely charge. You can control the device through the apps, as far as setting timers, having it start and stop and checking the battery life. There are so many uses for this device, as far as where you want to use it. I plan on using this one in my car, I think this will be perfect. I love the fact that I controll it from the APP to. I can just picture how perfect this is going to be, in the mornings while I am getting ready for work I can turn this device on so when I get into my car it smells amazing, same thing when I am getting ready to leave work for the day and get into my car. I am so excited about this!

Kevin was so nice to send me over 8 fragrance pods too!

About the fragrances:

Poolside: A splash of summer breezes, tropical pineapple, and toasted coconuts relaxing on warm amber sands.

Summer Vacation: A harmonizing exotic blend of rich peach and juicy apricot with a hint of cassis and citrus.

Country Fair: Let this fragrance take you to the county fair with the smell of treats, the visions of spinning lights, and the sound of playful laughter.

Tahitian Sunset: Tropical fruits mixed with sugared oranges and grapefruits resting on exotic mountain greens and jasmine.

Pear Blossom: Sophisticated and alluring, the combination of fresh juicy pear and crisp melons create an irresistible fragrance you are sure to love. This clean scent leaves a tantalizing finish that awakens the senses.

Bora Bora: Tropical groves delight the senses with the scent of coconut palms and pandanus trees, in the midst of meandering channels of turquoise lagoons and tangerine sunsets

Raspberry Bliss: Experience the mouth-watering aroma of sweet, juicy raspberries with hints of sandalwood, vanilla and jasmine. A delicious treat!

Maui: A bright, lively blend of sun-ripened starfruit splashed with sugar-coated melon, zesty lime, and tropical mango over sheer floral nuances of sweet orchid, soft jasmine, and island hibiscus.

These pods are going to last me forever! LOL! As you can probably tell from all the fragrances that I picked. I love sweet and fruity scents. I think they are just the best! I will say I have so far tried out the Summer Vacation pod and I really love it! It smells just like a peach, which is one of my all time favorite scents. I have been using this in my car and it's truly been life changing. I love the way this really makes my car smell. It's not too overpowering either which I was a little worried about. I obviously haven't had a chance to try out all of these scent pods but I will continue to update you all through my instagram posts (@daniibabii1119) so make sure you are following me over there.But overall I am impressed this is something I am planning on using for a while and I like how easy it is to use as well. This is a life changing product!


I want to thank Kevin for sending me these products to share with you all! I wish you the best and hope to work with you again in the future!

Check out his link below:


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