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Monix Unique Creations

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. In today's post we are going to be looking at some amazing products that was sent me from Monix Unique Creations. The wonderful owner sent me over three different shirts to share with you all. Monix Unique Creations creates a ton of custom t shirts, and has so many listed in her shop.

The first design that she sent over to my is this Cheeath print heart that says "Wifey" on it. I'm a newly married women so anything that says wifey on it I just have to have it lol. I absolutely love this design because it has so many colors in the heart which makes styling this shirt so easy because there are a ton of options I can wear with this. The color choice she picked for this shirt is perfect for the design. I love this blue shade and think it compliments the design perfectly. This is a shirt that I know I will be wearing a lot. I love the finishing touch that she added to this shirt which is a bleach splatters, it really made a cool effect and looks really good on this shirt.

Next up we have this adorable Care Bears shirt. When I seen this design I knew I needed to own it lol. This is the perfect "throwback" design. I have always been a huge fan of Care Bears, and when I seen this design I just fell in love. I will say in person it looks so much better. I love all the vibrant colors in this design. It just looks so nice!! She created this adorable shirt on a pink t shirt which I think was the perfect choice. I think this is the perfect "girly" shirt which is something that is really my style. She completed this look for this shirt with the bleach splatters as well, which blends really well with the Care Bears sitting on the clouds. It really looks like it belongs on this shirt.

The last shirt that was included in my package is Halloween design. This one is Hocus Pocus themed, which just so happens to be on my favorite Halloween movies. This design is super cool and perfect for Halloween. I love the color choice for the t shirt too. It's like a dusty grey/purple which really goes with the design well. I love the bleach effect on this shirt! It is the perfect touch for a Halloween themed shirt. I am in love with all the shirts that Monix Unique Creations sent me over. These are really well made and the designs are printed really well on the shirts so you don't have to worry about the design wearing off. She uses high quality shirts that are super comfortable and soft. She has a ton of different options for shirt colors and designs, so there are so many possibilities for shirt combos. I highly recommend Monix Unique Creations, and really suggest checking out her page!

Check out her shop here:


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