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Planning with Meg

About The Owner

Meet the owner Megan Leahy. She graduated from Villanova University’s School of Business . She earned an undergrad degree: a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a major in finance. in finance and minor in Italian. Megan has been interested in holistic healing for a couple of years, which led her down a rabbit hole to learning about exercise, diet, and how those can impact our overall health. She has used the method, she learned on herself and reaped the benefits of her lifestyle changes. Makeup and skincare have always been some of Megan's favorite hobbies. She spent hours watching videos made by experts to better understand how she can achieve glowing, beautiful results.

History Of The Business

Megan opened her business in September of 2022, so she's a fairly new business owner. Megan got engaged and realized how difficult it was to find resources for wedding planning. Wedding planners can cost $10,000+, and she didn't want to spend that. She decided that she would turn her wedding planning into a huge research project and then turn this information into a course to help people plan their weddings on their own for a much lower cost. She is currently building up her wedding planning course. However, she decided to start with a personal prep course for brides because she saw countless brides on Facebook groups going to great and occasionally

dangerous extremes to change themselves for their special day.

About The Business

Planning with Meg offers a course on Udemy, with more courses to come in the future and she also owns a Etsy shop with some helpful tools for planning and she plan's on adding more items to that shop in the future too! Megan's business is based out of Greater Philadelphia area in Pennsylvania. Megan's most popular service that she offers is her wedding personal prep course that actually she just launched just launched a few days ago but she already has a couple of people signed up! Everything that Megan shares is based off her own research and her own wellness journey. She has struggled with her weight, gut problems, and skin

issues for years. She was able to solve them on her own, and she is sharing

all of that with you! She thinks the

importance of the wellness of the individual (especially the gut) is far overlooked. She teaches you how to heal your gut so it makes it easier to lose weight. Your skin will clear up and glow. Your hair will stop falling out and will grow faster. A healthy gut means an overall much higher quality life!

Other Information

Megan also want to include smaller courses to help all of her clients be able to plan out their lives better. She is very open to suggestions of areas that any of you currently struggle with! Please reach out to Megan on Instagram or LinkedIn if you have any suggestions for courses that Megan can offer!

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