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Radical Rendezvous

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! I am back with another small business product review for you all. In today's post we are going to be taking a closer look at Radical Rendezvous, which is a small business I found on instagram while I was planning my wedding. I got married recently and decided for my wedding I wanted to decorate everything with things from small businesses that way everything I had would be super unique, and also it would be supporting all the amazing small businesses out there.

Radical Rendezvous is a business that specializes in art made with resin, macramé art and décor, candles, and event favors. She has ton of resin crafts in her small business. I gave Radical Rendezvous an idea of a decor piece that I wanted for my wedding and she truly took my image and brought it to life. I shared with her my colors for my wedding which were Navy Blue, Pink and accents of gold. She took all of my ideas and created a special one of a kind resin letter "M" which is my last name initial. She took all my colors and incorporated them into the letter and it just looks gorgeous! I was super impressed with how amazing all the colors ended up complimenting each other really nicely.

My vision for this piece was just to use it for a decor piece on one of my wedding tables for an extra piece of style, and I must say it was the perfect touch to my table. I did received several compliments on it on my big day and it looked great on the table. The glitter that she added into the resin was the perfect finishing touch and really reflected the light and looked gorgeous. I really like how this is something I can keep forever and use in my everyday home decor and it will help me remember my special day. I do also like how heavy duty this piece is. I was no expecting it to be so heavy to be honest, which is a good thing. I was expecting it to be thin since it is made out of resin, but I was wrong. I really am glad that this is a stronger piece because this is something I will be able to have for a very long time. I am super impressed with Radical Rendezvous, and highly recommend checking out their small business

I wanted to take the time to include some photos of some more amazing products that were created by Radical Rendezvous, as you can see this amazing small business makes a ton of different products and there is plenty more where that came from. There is truly something for everyone listed on her site, and she also makes a ton of custom products which are great for gift giving! I highly recommend checking her out!



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