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Real Time Wedding/ Event Planning LLC

About The Owner

Meet Clarissia Mucker, the proud owner of Real Time Wedding / Event PlanningLLC. She has a huge obsession with love and weddings, and If she could, she would marry her husband every single year. Planning weddings are a big job and require lots of work and details but Clarissia takes it as an honor to get to plan her clients big day and make their dreams come to life. She loves traveling with her husband and being outdoors in nature. One of her favorite places to visit is North Carolina. Her and her husband love the scenery is beautiful and they also love to hike.

History Of The Business

Clarissia started her business a year ago. She actually got married in October of 2021 and when she planning her wedding she knew that this was something that she wanted to pursue into a business. Every bit of my planning process was so fun and exciting for her. She is blessed to be able to now be able to watch her clients have the same excitement she had while she was planning her big day. Another big reason why she started her own business was because she wanted to be able to work with her clients budgets and be able to offer affordable options on their budgets.

About The Business

Real Time Wedding/ Event Planning LLC is based in the Orlando region of Florida but they also travel to other states to serve their clients on their special day. They offer Wedding planning/ coordinator they offer all services from full planning to day-of coordinator. Listed on their site they offer three different packages for their clients to choose from so they can pick what's really important and they can also choose an option that fit's their budget the best.

Services Offered

Here are the three packages listed and some more information about each of them:

The Budget Package: Don’t let your budget prevent you from getting help. Ideal for day of coordination, this service is available for purchase in two-hour blocks (two-hour minimum).

The Partial Package: For those who also like to plan. You and Clarissia will decide what parts of your wedding she can help you with and go from there.

The Full Package: Just like it sounds. Clarissia will plan your wedding from venue selection to post-reception transportation for you and your guests, and everything in between

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