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Rose Noire Event Services

About The Owner

Meet Rhoda Fong, the owner of her small business called Rose Noire Event Services. She was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is getting married next year and she is super excited about all the new chapters coming up in her life. Growing up she has always been super passionate about helping people around he, in any way that she could. In addition to Rose Noire Event Services (her side hustle). She has been working full time managing a construction company for the past 5 years. At one point in her life she was working 2 full time jobs plus a part time weekend job while also putting herself through university and paying for it out of pocket. She literally did not sleep for 2 and a half years. She took power naps and showered at community centers or gyms whenever possible. She did all this because she purchased a house when she was 22 for her parents and she really needed the money for the mortgage and to graduate from her BA program. It took a huge toll on her life and her health for a while, but she is super proud that she was able to do it. In her free time she enjoys camping, and also "glamping" at her family cabin located in northern BC. She loves reading psychological thrillers / mystery novels. She also enjoys binge watching a good show after a long day of work.

History About The Business

Ever since she was a kid she knew she would one day want to start her own business. She was back and forth on a few different ideas throughout the years. She landed on event planning a couple years ago when she was planning her best friend's wedding. Everyone around her always would say it's something that was really good at. Rhonda did have a little self-doubt. Starting something on my own was a little scary. Then earlier this year, after she got engaged, she started planning her own wedding. She was so excited and managed to plan her whole wedding in 3 months, booking all of her vendors and getting everything organized. Her wedding isn't until next year, so now that all the important stuff is already done, she felt like she was getting bored and sad that there was nothing left to do for a while. Then a couple months ago, her manager asked her to help find a reception venue for her niece's wedding coming up in 5 months. She started looking for venues and shopping for quotes, and again, the thrill and excitement that she was missing came back. This is how she knew, that she needed to turn this into a business.

About The Business

Rhonda's business is based out Surrey, BC, Canada. She can provide services to all BC Lower Mainland, Vancouver Islands, and Kelowna. Although, she is open to events outside the local servicing areas also, since she can do many of the planning remotely. She also open to traveling for her potential clients if it is needed for her to do do. Rhonda offers full event planning services, her most popular service is her event planning for weddings. She takes the headache out of planning all of your major life events so you can worry on enjoying the memories that they bring. She offers affordable packages ranging from $300 to $800 to truly fit any budget.

Perks and Obstacles with Owning Her Business

Rhonda's favorite part about owning her business is the flexibility in her schedule that it brings. She is able to work on her time and when it is best for her. She also loves being able to pick out her potential clients that she gets to work with. She enjoys meeting and connecting with new people on her journey of running her small business. Rhonda's business is just starting up but so far she has found that building her reputation has not been easy. It has also been a learning curve for her to navigate through social media with just starting up her own business.

Future Plans For The Business

Even though Rhonda's business is still pretty new to her that is not stopping her from planning big time goals for her business. She is hoping that In the next few months she is able to launch her store. This is where she will be selling personalized stationery and various planning tools. By June 2024 she will also be launching her decor division and start rentals and sales of some small items for event decor. Rhonda is super excited to see where this business journey is going to take her!

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