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Sage Farm Designs

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my page! In Today's post I have an exciting product review for all of you. This post is all about a small business called Sage Farm Designs. I found this business while I was browsing on instagram. I was immediately intrigued by this business and all the adorable pieces that they had on their instagram feed. This small business was generous enough to send me over some products to share with you. These products that were sent to me are for Valentine's Day.

This first product is an adorable wooden heart. They offer these in the color red which is showed in the photo, and also in a light pink which was the one that I received. I love how simple this design is and how perfect it looks on my tiered tray. This is the perfect size to decorate with. The perfect finishing touch is the small burlap bow. Which really ties is all together.

Next up we have another wooden heart. This one is a little bigger in size and has the phrase "Be Mine" written on it. I think this looks just perfect with the other heart. She also offers these smaller wooden hearts that are just plaid which compliments the pink and the red. It really matches great all together.

A Valentines display could not be complete without a gnome! Am I right or am I right? Lol. I have no idea how this hype started with all these holiday gnomes but I am not mad about it lol. I think these are adorable and I love decorating with gnomes for the holidays so I was very excited to see this in the package from Sage Farm Designs. There is a lot of detail in this gnome. I love all the heart details on his hat and also the array of hearts that this gnome is holding. I also love how this gnome is pink and red which really ties all the colors from this set all together.

Last but certainly not least we have this adorable truck design. This is my favorite piece from this whole set. I am obsessed with little trucks. I love the white background on this design it makes the black truck have a nice contrast with it. I also was really impressed how this came with a little easel to prop up this little sign. I thought that was a really nice touch because it being round really makes it difficult for it to sit up. This is also a perfect size to decorate with your tiered trays or even just using it as a decor piece on a shelf by it self. It really is a perfect pop for Valentine's Day

I wanted to make sure to include a final photo with how I decorated with these pieces in my home. I wanted to display these on my tiered tray and it was a perfect fit. I was so happy how they all fit perfectly on my tray. I really love how these look and perfect they are for Valentie's Day! I am so beyond impressed with all the quality of these products from Sage Farm Designs. All of these pieces were designed and made with a lot of thought and love put into them and you can truly tell. I was also super impressed with the packaging. All these pieces were wrapped individually and packaged up really nice. I want to give a big shout out to Sage Farm Designs for sending me these products to share with you all. I highly recommend checking out their page. You will not be disappointed!

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