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Salma Sublimation Designs

Hi Everyone,

Today we are going to be taking a closer look at shop called Salma Sublimation Designs. This business also goes by the name SSD for short. I found this business while browsing instagram and I was immediately intrigued because this shop has so many different products listed in their shop which is always a huge plus for me. I love when businesses make a ton of products because when you are shopping for gifts, its like the one stop shop which makes everything so much easier. The holidays are a crazy time and everyone is always so busy, so being able to buy multiple gifts for different people in one place just make holiday shopping that much easier. Listed in this shop you will find customized shirts, mugs, and ornaments. This shop owner is super talented and can make any design really come to life.

Salma was generous to send me more one of her holiday items for me to showcase and share with you all. She sent over one of her Christmas themed t-shirts to share with you all. I love so many things about this shirt. One being it's not overly Christmas. It's on a black shirt with a white design so it's very easy to wear and not to obnoxious which is great. I love the actual design printed on the shirt too it's really basic which is super nice. The quality of this shirt is really nice too! I love how it just feels like it was made really well. The shirt itself feels pretty soft and durable which is super important. I really love this shirt and can't wait to wear it for Christmas time! I also wanted to take this time to share with you all some examples of other things Salma has listed in her shop.

These are just two other examples I wanted to share with you that Salma can make for you! The possibilities are endless though! I highly recommend checking out Salma Sublimation Designs!


Check out this shop here:

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