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Scents with Bea Keller

Hi Everyone,

I am back with another small business review for you all today. Today I will be reviewing some products from Scents with Bea Keller. Bea is Scentsy consultant and she was generous enough to send me over some products to review for you all. The first product I will be sharing with you all is this adorable wax warmer which is listed on her website called "Retro Pink Truck + Flower Delivery Lid."

When I seen this listed on her website I immediately fell in love with it. I love how cute and girly this warmer is, and come on it's PINK! I love all the hidden details on this warmer. My favorite thing about this warmer is that the lights on the front and back of the truck are actually functioning! This is such a cute little detail that really goes a long way. I also love how this warmer really looks like a part of home decor and doesn't really look like a wax warmer. In the truck bed there is a ceramic top with tulips and under neath the lid is where you put the wax cubes. The best thing about Scentsy warmers are that they all have Lifetime warranty.

The Retro Pink Truck is the Warmer of the Month for May, which means it's on sale for a few more days. It's normally listed for $65.00 but for the month of May you can snag one for yourself for $58.50

"Load up on springtime tulips with a whimiscal warmer resembling an old-fashioned pickup! Headlights and taillights are always aglow to ensure a clear path"

To go along with the adorable wax warmer. She also sent me a wax collection to share with you all. This is a Mother's Day exclusive wax collection. I was super excited to smell all these wax melts. I love how this wax collection came in a nice box which makes it perfect to gift. Inside this wax collection there are three wax bars.

  • Courage: Bold raspberry and red mango leap into pink amber.

  • Kindness: Dewy greens uplift enduring notes of magnolia and white musk.

  • Strength: Nectarine sweetens fresh pineapple with a gentle touch of sunkissed lemon.

When I first smelled all these wax melts I was pretty blown away with how amazing all three of these scents. I am the type of person to have a pretty picky sense of smell. I will say hands down these have been my favorite wax melts that I have ever smelled from Scentsy. All of these scents are super clean and smell amazing. I will say these are all pretty strong too which is something I really look for when choosing wax melts for my home. My favorite one has been the "Strength" scent

I want to give a big thank you to Bea Keller for sending me over these amazing Scentsy goodies. I am loving them all so much.

Make sure you check out her website for some of these products and her site is also filled with a ton of other "Smell Good" products. There is truly something for everyone listed on her site.

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