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Scentsy By Erin Bizier

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my page! In this post I have a very exciting product review to share with you all. I was lucky enough to receive three products from a Scentsy Consultant by the name of Erin Bizier. In case you have never heard about Scentsy, this company sells all kinds of "smell good" items. They specialize in their wax warmers, but over the years they have grown so much and sell a ton of different products now from cleaning products, laundry products and even products for kids! I am so excited to share these products with you!

The first item we will be taking closer look at is a gorgeous warmer. This one was actually an exclusive warmer and is no longer available on the website, but may make it's way back some time in the future. This warmer is called the "Blue Agate" warmer and it retailed for $50. "Patterned after the soothing stone, the Blue Agate Warmer gives off an all-natural vibe and a whole lot of Zen"

Picture truly does not do this warmer justice. This is truly a gorgeous piece and really looks like a real stone. I love the way it illuminates too! This warmer is really great size. I love how a product like this is super functional and also is a perfect piece to style in your home.

For my own home in particular this matches my decor perfectly. I have a grey themed home with accents of blue all through out so this piece really just compliments this. I love how this is something I could really put in any room of my home and I know that it will look great. This is hands down my favorite warmer that I have ever owned. I know this is something that I will keep for a very long time. One really cool thing about Scentsy is that they also offer different colored light bulbs, which I think is so fun. I am so anxious to get my hands on a blue light bulb and see what kind of magic comes to life in this warmer with it.

To go along with the Scentsy warmer. Erin also sent me over two different wax melts to try in the warmer. The first scent she sent me over to try is Pineapple Rose. "The sweetest golden pineapple plays with zesty Meyer lemon and a soft hint of blush rose." I am a big fan of pineapple so when I seen this in my box I knew that I was going to be a fan of it and Boy was I right?! Lol. This is a perfect scent for summer. I would say it's on the lighter side and not very overpowering which I really like too. I love how the rose scent is very subtle and the pineapple stands out the most.

The next wax melt fragrance is Whipped Vanilla Lavender. "Whipped Vanilla Lavender Sweet coconut milk and whipped vanilla soothed by English lavender". I will say floral scents are usually not my favorite, but there is something about this one that I do really enjoy. I love that vanilla was added to this fragrance, I think it really compliments the lavender scent really nicely and makes this a really relaxing scent. I plan on using this scent in my "Beauty Room" while I am getting ready in the morning and think that will be the perfect place for it.

The last product I have to share with you all is product called Scentsy Fresh. "Eliminate unpleasant odors with the squeeze of the trigger. Spritz on hard-to-wash fabrics like carpets, furniture, upholstery, bedding and curtains, or wherever you want a burst of long-lasting Scentsy fragrance" The possibilities are truly endless with this product, this product has so many uses which makes me want to get a few more bottles. I have so far used this to freshen up my couches, and have used this on my curtains and it works like magic. I have two dogs in my home and this is a miracle worker! I think this is going to be a new staple product in my home going forward!

I want to give a big Thank you to Erin for sending me all these amazing products to share with you all. I am highly impressed with all the products she sent me to try. I highly recommend checking out her site and seeing what other products she has to offer. This is a just a glimpse of what she has!

Check out her site here:


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