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Set in Stone by Alexis

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! In today's post I have a product review for you all from the small business Set in Stone by Alexis. This small business is base in Atlanta Georgia, and the owner is Alexis who specializes in customized cups. She makes so many different types and sizes of cups and they are completely customizable, so there is truly something for everyone in her shop.

I'm a huge sucker for cups so when I came across her page on instagram I just knew I wanted to feature her here on my blog for you all to see. Set in Stone by Alexis was nice enough to send me over a gorgeous cup for me to share with you all. The cup she sent is a Disney themed cup which I just love. This cup is stainless steel so it will keep your drinks hot or cold depending on the temperature of the drink which is something I appreciate for sure. With this cup she started off with an acrylic paint base and iridescent and holographic glitter. Pictures do not do this cup justice that is for sure. This cup has a ton of glitter and really sparkles which I am a huge fan of that's for sure LOL.

Not only is this cup covered in glitter but it also is covered in adorable Disney stickers which really pops with the glitter on the cup. I am absolutely obsessed with this design and think it's so adorable. This is a cup she already had made in her shop, but she gave me the option to add some vinyl to the cup. She told me she could put my name or a quote. I came up with this design which says" Everything tastes better when it's Mickey shaped" which is soooo true lol. I thought this quote was perfect for this cup because a lot of the stickers on this cup are Mickey shaped food items. I am in love with how this cup turned out. It really is gorgeous in person, and I know I will be using this cup a lot!

The quality of this cup is super high quality too. It's super smooth and you can it was really well made.

I really love the variety of all the cups that she has listed in her shop too. There is truly something for every one and if you don't see something you can always have her make a custom order too. These would be amazing gifts for really anyone if you customized with their name or some of their favorite things. Each tumbler is coated with FDA compliant epoxy, so you know it's safe. Inside my packaged she also included a few straws and a cleaner for the straws too which I really liked too. I highly recommend checking out Set in Stone by Alexis. You will not be disappointed! I want to give a big thank you too Set in Stone by Alexis for sending me over this cup to share, I just love it! It's so perfect. I wish you and your business all the best and hope we can collab again in the future:

Check her out here:


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