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Sewing Chic Boutique

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to be sharing with you all some products that I received from a small business by the name of Sewing Chic Boutique. The wonderful owner of this business wanted me to showcase a few different products that they have to offer. I was sent over a gorgeous wristlet and a set of 6 flour sake towels that I will be sharing with you all. I am so excited to be able to work with this small business.

Up first I want to talk about the gorgeous wristlet that I was sent to share with you all. I am literally obsessed with this! There are so many things that I love about this wristlet. One this fabric is vegan leather which is something that is truly important to me when picking out products similar to this one. I love how this is black also. I wear a ton of black and even if I am not this is going to go with all my outfit so I know I will get a ton of us out of this. I love how the strap on the wristlet can come off and easily be converted into a clutch which is super practical too! I think I will get more use out of the strap but I love that I have the option to wear it both ways! As you can see the outside of this wristlet there is also a little zipper pocket which is super convenient for putting things to access them easily and quickly!

I was honestly so impressed when I opened this package and seen this inside. I couldn't believe that this was handmade. It is perfect you honestly can't even tell. I am amazed with how the stitching is on this piece as well. This feels like a super high quality piece that you would find in a high dollar retail store. I really love this piece!

Inside of this wristlet is hands down my favorite part of the whole piece. I love the fabric that was chosen to be used it makes this pieces a little "funky" since this piece is all black. I also love how many pockets are inside too. It comes with a total of 2 lipstick/ chapstick pockets and 3 card slots that can hold between 2-3 cards each! What more could you ask for? Lol that's right nothing! This bag is literally perfect for all kinds of occasions and its the perfect size to hold all of your necessities!

Up next we have flour sake towels, Sewing Chic Boutique was gracious enough to send me over a total of 6 flour sack towels! There were so many listed in the shop picking 6 was a little hard to do lol! I wanted to pick a variety so you all could see what this shop has to offer. As you can see I picked some Easter ones, since its right around the corner! These flour sake towels are the perfect way to decorate your kitchen for the holidays without trying which is always a plus in my book lol. I also picked the "Get your fat pants ready" LOL! I absolutely loved this one and think this will be perfect year round especially for the holidays lol!

These last three I loved too! I picked another variety for all you to see some other options that they have available in the shop. I picked the Mothers one for a gift for my Mom! I think these would be adorable gifts for any holiday really. Not only are these adorable but they are super practical for any kitchen!


I want to give a special Thank you to Sewing Chic Boutique for working with me! I loved all these amazing products and I wish you and your small business huge success

Check out this shop here:


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