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Sign and Shine

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to be sharing you with a home decor piece from Sign and Shine I found this incredible shop on instagram. I was instantly in love with all the pieces made by this small shop and knew right away that I wanted to showcase them on my website for you all to see and read about. A little back story. I just bought my first home back in December we have slowly been moving in and getting all settled in our home.

Our bedroom is the one room we have really put on the back burner. I have been searching for home decor for months that would go perfectly in our room and I have been just lost on what to look for. I knew I wanted something for over our bed but I wasn't sure as to what. I also knew finding the right size sign would be so tricky just because our headboard is sooo large it comes up pretty far on our wall and doesn't leave too much room for a sign anyway. I knew I wanted something cute for over the bed too. I was googling for hours cute ideas and found 0. Finally once I discovered this small shop I knew exactly what I wanted! The quote "Always kiss me goodnight" which I think is beyond perfect for over the bed too! Once this sign was shipped to my door and I opened it I knew that this was the perfect sign I could have ever picked out for above our bed. It looked even better in person to be honest with you. When we hung it over our bed it was like a glove it was the perfect size and was definitely the sign that we were missing. I will say that this sing is super well made too.

It's pretty sturdy and pretty heady too! The thing that really stuck out for me about this shop is that all the signs posted in the shop are actually hand painted, which is truly incredible to be honest with you all. I know most shops use vinyl so things look perfect, but just by looking at this sign you would honestly assume that it's vinyl too with how perfect it looks. I am amazed with how well done this sign was made. Another great little detail is that this sign came with hardware in a separate container. Which I found extremely helpful when we hung this up....and when I say "we" I mean my fiance lol, but I was there for support lol! All the signs listed on her site are so adorable, and don't worry if there isnt something that doesnt appeal to you, you have the option to get something custom made! If you decide to get something custom made you pick everything even down to the size that you want made which is pretty cool. I am so glad that I found this shop and was able to work with them. This sign is beyond amazing and more perfect than I could ever imagine. I now want to take the time to show you all some more peices that this shop has made just so you can get a closer look on their style!


I just want to thank Sign and Shine ! I love this sign that you custom made for me! I think your shop is amazing and I wish you nothing but the best! I know your shop will take off since you are so incredibly talented!

Check out this shop here:


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