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Signed by Bee


I am back!!! In this post we will be taking a closer look at a small business by the name of Signed by Bee. This business is based out of Boston. The owner, Briana really got into doing calligraphy during quarantine and decided to open her business then.

She has plans to grow throughout this year and I have no doubt in my mind that she will do just that. All the signs/ decor pieces listed in her shop are 100% made by her, no stencils or vinyl, she hand paints everything which is truly incredible. Of course with my love for Fall/Halloween decor she sent me over something in that category to share with you all. This sign is made from reclaimed barn wood which is so cool! The dimensions for this specific sign are 3.5 inches tall by 15 inches long. Hand painted on this sign is the quote "Pumpkin Patch" with an arrow and some adorable pumpkins too! I just love how this piece came out

I love how one of a kind this sign is. I think the coolest part about all the pieces in her shop is that they are complete handmade, so even if you ordered this same exact sign it wouldn't be identical to the one I have. I love the size of this sign it makes it perfect for sitting on shelves which is my favorite way to decorate for the holidays. I think this quote is perfect to keep up throughout fall and Halloween too because it's not too "Fall". I am really happy with this sign and plan on keeping it out for a while. I had so many ideas on how to decorate with this and wanted to include a photo of what I ended up doing with the sign. I am pretty pleased with the outcome and think it looks adorable!


I want to give a big thank you to Signed by Bee for sending me this sign! I just adore it! Your work in incredible and I know this year your business is going to grow! I wish you the best and hope to work with you again in the future!

Make sure you check out this small business!


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