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Today I am here with another small business shout out for SouthernlifeCrafts. This was a business that I came across on IG when I was looking at tiered tray decorations! This business is owned by Heather and she is based out of Buford Georgia. When I 1st checked out her site I was amazed with how many different products she carried in her shop. She specializes in all things for tiered trays and when I say specialize I truly mean it. I had no idea there could be so many themes for these trays. The possibilities are truly endless and her shop has about a million to choose from lol.

If you personally know me or have been following me for a while you probably know that I am absolutely obsessed with decorating my home for all kinds of holidays or events! It just makes it soo much fun. I have recently discovered the art of tiered tray decorating I am not a master yet lol, but it is so much fun. Tiered trays are so simple and add just the perfect amount of decor for your home. Heather was nice enough to send me a total of 7 pieces to share with you all. These pieces are from two of her different sets that she offers in her shop currently.

The 1st set she sent over to was in the theme of Farm house which is something I am obsessed with currently lol. This set came with a total of 4 pieces. Three of which are basic wood pieces that you can arrange on a tray or anywhere else for that matter. These pieces are in the Black and white with accents of green and wood tone. I absolutely love how these colors look together and love the pops of green I think it really makes each one pop and stand on on their own too. This farm house collection also came with a string of beads that you can use on the trays to just fill in some of the gaps to make it look more full. I have seen these beaded strands all over the internet and I am super pumped that I have my own to use to style in my own. I will say for a beginner I didn't do so shabby in styling these pieces on my tiered tray.

The last set that she included in my package was her 4th of July set. This set includes three adorable wooden pieces. These pieces are in Red, White , and blue which you probably would have guessed on your own anyways lol. These pieces are adorable and I love all the details that are in each one. I think my favorite part about the three of these pieces is that they are all different shapes, so they don't match too much! I also like how the piece that says "4th of July" has some ribbons wrapped around it. It just adds a lot since that piece is mostly white. I am super excited to start decorating my home for the 4th of July and these pieces are going to be absolutely perfect to do so! I have so many plans for these!

I want to give a huge thank you to SouthernlifeCrafts for sending me all these goodies! I love them all and can't wait to use these pieces to decorate in my home! I hope to work with you again in the future and wish you all the best!

Check out SouthernlifeCrafts here:


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