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Sparkle by Melanie Boutique

Welcome back to my website everyone! I bet you will never guess but I am back with another small business to feature today LOL! This business is called Sparkle by Melanie Boutique, which is a business that carries that following different products such as clothing, home decor, men's ties, jewelry, and more! Custom vinyl, resin, and sublimation items have also been added as new categories! It is an individual-owned and operated small business that strives for the best customer service and the best quality. Sparkle by Melanie Boutique was nice enough to send me over a product to share with you guys.

She sent me over a customized tumbler cup so you can see an idea of something she can create for you. I had the idea for her to create something that I could give my sister in law this holiday season. I chose a very simple design for her just with her name printed on the cup. I chose to keep it simple, but there is so many designs that Sparkle by Melanie Boutique can create specifically just for you. You can have the option to do designs on both sides of the cup which is a really cool idea. You can

also choose the font and color of the vinyl printed on the cup which is awesome too. There are ton of color options as far as the cups go as well. I decided to keep it simple with this pale yellow color. If you are interested in getting a cup for you, or gifting on this holiday season here is the direct link:

This is just a glimpse into what Sparkle by Melanie Boutique has listed in her shop and what she can make for her. I highly recommend checking out her shop and seeing what she has to offer. I also have a coupon code to share with you guys! You can save 20% off your first order with the code NEWBUYER20 . Thank you so much Sparkle by Melanie Boutique for working with me! I hope we can collab again the future!


Check out her links here:

Instagram: @sparklebymelbtq

Twitter @sparklebymelbtq

Facebook page: @sparklebymelbtq

Facebook Group: Sparkle by Melanie Boutique and Crafts


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