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Sugar Rush Sparkle

Hi Everyone,

I am back with another small business to showcase for you all! I am super excited to share Sugar Rush Sparkle with all today. I found this business on instagram, as soon as I found this page I was blown away with the huge variety that Sugar Rush Sparkle makes and sells. I love all things glitter and this page had so many fun and glittery items I was hooked right away. I am so excited that I am working with Sugar Rush Sparkle and that she was so nice enough to send me more a big variety of items to share with you guys, so I can show you what this business is all about! So let's get started!

The first item I have to share with you all is going to be this badge reel with charm. I love the design of this badge reel it's so cute. I love the saying "Holy Spirit Activate" if you are a fan of TikTok then you probably understand what this is from lol! I love the color scheme of the cheetah print and black. I think it looks really simple but also super put together too. These badge reels are for sale in her shop for $11.50 and there are a ton of designs to choose from. These would make an amazing gift for anyone you know that wears a badge when they are going to work. My first thought right away was a hospital worker. This would be a such a cute accessory to add to their uniform. You can tell all the time was put into making this just by the amount of detail that she included in this right down to button that she placed a cheetah print cover right on top of.

Next up we have this gorgeous glitter pen! I am obsessed with this! I love all things pink and glittery so this is beyond amazing for me lol. I also love how these are refillable so once the ink runs out you can easily replace it, which is what I will be doing for sure when the time comes. These retail for $13.00 in her shop. This is another item that is completely customizable which is so awesome. This is another item that would make such a great gift too!

Next up we have this adorable key chain. I love this key chain a lot! I like all the details that is included in this like the adorable pink and black tassels. It really completes the final look of this key chain, and it really matches well! The main pendent that says my name is my favorite part. Again it's pink and glittery so you already know I am a big fan lol! I already added this to key ring and I just love it! These are for sale in her shop for $15.00 and is totally worth every penny. I love how these are on the "oversized" scale. Which is something I really like for a key chain for my key ring. It makes finding your keys 100 times easier.

The last item I have to share with you all is this adorable unicorn lanyard. I am obsessed with all things unicorns and love how this looks. These are perfect to hang your key's on or even a badge from your job. I love the white lanyard! These retail for $12.00 in her shop. I love the unicorn design she added to this lanyard it's super adorable and I also love the small start thats included on the button of the lanyard, which matches the color scheme perfectly. I am a huge fan of all the items that were sent to me from Sugar Rush Sparkle. You can see really tell all the handwork and dedication put into each item that she creates. I highly recommend checking out Sugar Rush Sparkle and seeing all the items that she has to offer you will be blown away. I want to give a huge thank you to Sugar Rush Sparkle for working with me providing all these items to have me share them with you guys. I wish you all the best and hope to work with you again in the future!

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